Nomination Form

Nomination Form

Application Instructions

This is the nomination form that will present your company’s case for consideration to the CNME editorial team for inclusion in the CIO 100 Awards.

There are three parts to this form.

Part I asks for basic information about the nominated organisation.

Part II includes about the nominated initiative and individual.


• All nominees must agree to be featured in CNME magazine as part of its coverage for CIO 100 Awards. This will appear in the February 2019 issue.

Nominations must be completed in full. Incomplete nominations will be disqualified.

• Former CIO 100 honourees are encouraged to submit new systems/ projects/initiatives.

For questions regarding the CIO 100 Award and application, please e-mail

Part I. The Nominated Organisation

Please answer all questions in this section. Completed applications will be given preference over applications with missing information. For subsections 1 and 2, please provide information as you wish to have it appear in the magazine should your organisation be selected as a CIO 100 winner.

1. Nominated Organisation Information

2. Which primary industry/market does the nominated organisation serve?

3. Executive Information CIO (or equivalent top IT executive)

Contact information for CIO's assistant

CEO (or equivalent top business executive)

Contact information for CEO's assistant

4. Additional Information
Person submitting this application

If the nominated organisation is selected for a CIO 100 Award, is the IT executive listed in #3 above willing to participate as a speaker at the CIO 100 Forum and Awards? *

  • Please select atleast one option from below.

Part II. Your Project

Please be specific and use supporting data and whatever metrics are possible. Applications that also provide narrative examples about an initiative and its impact on the business –such how employees work differently, how customers interact with your company in new ways or the impact the project has had in your market – have a better chance of winning than applications that merely summarise a project.










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